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Axial Flow Propeller Pumps - Design Construction Features

Axial Flow Propeller Pumps -  Design Construction FeaturesFPI axial flow large volume pumps are custom designed and engineered to obtain the most efficient operation for each installation and are regularly offered in sizes ranging from 8 inches through 72 inches and capacities of 1,000 gallons per minute to 120,000 gallons per minute in low and medium heads.

Line Shaft Bearings:

Extra long bearings are precision machined and fitted on maximum 60 inch centers or less to obtain long life, vibration-free operation and minimum deflection.

Propeller Shaft:

Stainless steel shafts are selected and designed for each application and the torque required, and to prevent excessive wear at bearings and seal points for a prolonged trouble free operation.


The most desirable hydrofoil design is correctly balanced and polished. Extra heavy construction withstands hydraulic stresses and excessive abrasive wear. Fabricated propeller is secured firmly to the shaft by a tapered bore and key and is held in place by a propeller nut.

Line Shaft Tube:

Heavy gauge steel tube encloses the pump shaft starting at the propeller and up to the support plate and is accurately aligned to form bearing/shaft support and assure smooth operation and positive lubrication.

Line Shaft:

High grade shafting is pump shaft quality and of high torsional strength sized to transmit maximum power with minimum stress.

Bearing Cage:

Pumps with belt and pulley drive are supplied with special angular contact bearings recommended for the application of heavy down thrust and radial loads. Special housing provides large grease capacity which enables heat to be effectively dissipated from the bearings extending their life.

Discharge Elbow:

Long radius elbow of heavy welded sections is designed for minimum friction loss due to turbulence and eddying. Heavy-duty flanges provide extra strength and greater sealing ability.

Discharge Cone Bearing:

Large capacity, accurately machined bearings are lubricated by oil from shaft tube.

Neoprene Rubber Seals:

Multiple seals are used to prevent foreign matter from entering the shaft tube.

Upper Bowl:

Fabricated of heavy material, diffuser is designed to proper length and divergence to secure maximum conversion of velocity into static head.

Lower Bowl:

Engineered with wide flaring suction to permit unimpeded entrance of water. Heavy guide vanes are profiled to minimize turbulence. Precision bored hub forms support for lower cutlass bearing.

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